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Programmes & Interest


      The Department of Mechatronics Engineering focuses on design, advanced manufacturing technology, CAD/CAM/CAE, materials and processing techniques, computer integrated manufacturing systems and management skills to enhance quality, speed, and flexibility of the manufacturing environment, and to gain a better understanding of the process itself.


      The Department of Mechatronics Engineering offers full range of degree programs, including Bachelor, Master. At the Bachelor’s level, the department is offering Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics. The course of the existing and the future programs are mainly computer based and information-intensive. By choosing a coherent set of electives in the fourth year of engineering, the students can adjust their learning according to their aptitudes and aspirations. At this level also the department emphasizes on the industrial exposures of its graduates and works closely with the industries. The undergraduate students have to go through a six-month industrial training program. The Centre for Engineering Excellence has been setup under the faculty to exchange University-Industry linkage. At the Master’s level the Department offers Master of Mechatronics Engineering. In the recent years the members of local and foreign students enrolled in BS programs has increased dramatically, research proposal and funding continue to grow steadily. Graduate students play a vital role in the research projects.